Gay Lucas Alcoholometer

Gay Lucas Alcoholometer


The Gay-Lussac alcoholometer is an essential tool for labs and the beverage industry to measure the alcohol content in liquid solutions. It features a calibrated scale to precisely measure alcohol content. 

The Gay Lucas Alcoholometer is an advanced instrument made of brass, with a stem length of 260mm and a measuring range from 0-100% by volume, with ±2.0% accuracy. It is calibrated for use at 20°C, making it perfect for use with a wide range of alcoholic beverages.

In order to obtain accurate readings of the alcohol concentration in the distillate, the temperature reading must be at 20ºC, (a point at which the alcoholmeter is calibrated). To be able to determine the temperature of the distillate…

  • Excellent finish
  • Rigid body
  • Low maintenance
  • 0-100 x 2.0%, vol ± 2.0%, 260mm long @ 20°C

Material: Glass Hydrometers

Brand: Thimson
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