Gas Syringe Fine Ground Glass Barrels

Gas Syringe Fine Ground Glass Barrels

SKU: SE.31.4295-01

The Gas Syringe facilitates precise gas insertion or withdrawal from a closed system. It is also capable of accurately measuring gas volume produced by chemical reactions. It can also be utilized for dispensing liquids, particularly for purposes that require avoidance of air contact. Fine ground glass barrels have precise dimensions ideal for accurate liquid or gas measurement and dispensing.

    *fragile, handle with care

    Product Code: SE.31.4295-01
    Vol. Capacity: 100ml
    Outer Dia: 40mm
    Outer Dia Nozzle:  4mm
    Nozzle Length: 14mm
    Overall Length: 220mm
    Material: 3.3 Borosilicate glass
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