Gas Jar With Ground Flange


Size: 15x5cm

SKU: SE.31.LW3605-01

The Gas Jar with Ground Flange is a crucial tool used in scientific experimentation. Its precision-engineered ground flange allows for a secure and airtight connection to other glassware, making it ideal for gas collection and manipulation. This specialized jar is commonly used in processes such as gas evolution studies, where containment is crucial for accurate observation and measurement.

The Gas Jar with Ground Flange is a precision-crafted apparatus perfect for advanced scientific inquiry in chemistry, physics, and biology. Its transparency allows for visual monitoring of reactions, ensuring meticulous data collection in controlled gas environments.

Material: Borosilicate Glass

*sold in set of 10 

Product Code HxD
SE.31.3605-01 15x5cm
SE.31.3606-01 20x5cm
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15x5cm, 20x5cm
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