Folding Magnifier Linen Tester

Folding Magnifier Linen Tester

SKU: SE.31.075-01

The Folding Magnifier Linen Tester is an optical device in the laboratory magnification equipment category. Its main purpose is for close scrutiny of minute details, such as inspecting textile weaves, microstructures, and intricate specimens. This magnifier is highly portable and user-friendly, enabling convenient and thorough examination of small objects and surfaces.

From analyzing textiles and biological specimens to inspecting electronics, the Folding Magnifier Linen Tester is an indispensable tool for professionals, researchers, and scientists who require exceptional magnification capabilities in their laboratory work.

 *with measuring scale and built-in stand

Product Code:
Magnification:  5.5x
Lens Dia: 30mm d
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