Filter Syringe PES

Filter Syringe PES


Size: 0.22um x 25mm d

0.22um x 25mm d
0.22um x 33mm d
0.45um x 25mm d
0.45um x 33mm d
SKU: SE.31.6619-22

The Filter Syringe PES utilizes a Polyethersulfone membrane for chemical resistance, low protein binding, and strong mechanical strength. As an essential lab consumable, it is highly versatile and compatible with a wide range of solvents and aqueous solutions, making it perfect for critical processes such as sterilization, biological sample filtration, and clarifying complicated liquid matrices.

Material: Polyethersulfone

Code Dimensions
SE.31.6619-22 0.22um x 25mm d 100
SE.31.6619-33 0.22um x 33mm d 50
SE.31.6619-45 0.45um x 25mm d 100
SE.31.6619-46 0.45um x 33mm d 50
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0.22um x 25mm d, 0.22um x 33mm d, 0.45um x 25mm d, 0.45um x 33mm d
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