Filter Syringe Nylon

Filter Syringe Nylon


Size: 0.8um x 25mm

0.8um x 25mm
0.22um x 13mm
0.22um x 25mm
0.22um x 33mm
0.45um x 5mm
0.45um x 13mm
0.45um x 25mm
0.45um x 33mm
SKU: SE.31.6618-08

Filter Syringe Nylon is a tool used in the laboratory filtration space, delivering unparalleled convenience and effectiveness. This syringe filter is a cornerstone of laboratory consumables thanks to its robust nylon membrane which is renowned for its chemical resistance, durability, and flexibility for multiple uses. 

Classed as an advanced filtration system, the Nylon Syringe Filter is commonly used for crucial lab tasks such as HPLC sample processing, microbial testing, and the removal of aqueous and organic solvents. Its hydrophilic design ensures the quick initiation of filtration without affecting results. (Non-Sterlie)

Code Size Qty/Pack
SE.31.6618-08 0.8um x 25mm 100
SE.31.6614-22 0.22um x 13mm 100
SE.31.6617-22 0.22um x 25mm  100
SE.31.6618-22 0.22um x 33mm  50
SE.31.6614-06 0.45um x 5mm    200
SE.31.6614-45 0.45um x 13mm 100
SE.31.6617-45 0.45um x 25mm 100
SE.31.6618-45 0.45um x 33mm  50
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0.8um x 25mm, 0.22um x 13mm, 0.22um x 25mm, 0.22um x 33mm, 0.45um x 5mm, 0.45um x 13mm, 0.45um x 25mm, 0.45um x 33mm
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