Filter Syringe MCE

Filter Syringe MCE


Size: 0.45um x 13mm d

0.45um x 13mm d
0.45um x 25mm d
0.8um x 25mm d
SKU: SE.31.6612-45

The Filter Syringe MCE is a microfiltration device that boasts precision and versatility. This product is engineered by experts for optimal particle retention, allowing for rapid and precise filtration in a syringe format. A Mixed Cellulose Ester (MCE) membrane is the cornerstone of this device's success. 

Comprehensively applied in analytical chemistry, environmental monitoring, and microbiology, the Filter Syringe MCE is a trusted tool for sample preparation, sterilization, clarity, and impurity removal. With its reliable use, laboratorians and researchers can conveniently and effectively complete their routine filtration procedures and attain desired levels of clarity in liquid samples.

Material: Mixed Cellulose Esters (MCE)

*pack of 100

Code Dimensions
SE.31.6612-45 0.45um x 13mm d
SE.31.6613-45 0.45um x 25mm d
SE.31.6613-08 0.8um x 25mm d
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0.45um x 13mm d, 0.45um x 25mm d, 0.8um x 25mm d
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