Filter Membrane

Filter Membrane PTFE Hydrophilic


Size: 47mm od x 0.45um

47mm od x 0.45um
47mm od x 0.22um
SKU: SE.31.6604-45

Crafted from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), the Filter Membrane Hydrophilic PTFE provides exceptional chemical resistance and wetting capabilities. With its hydrophilic properties, this membrane is perfectly suited for demanding filtration applications such as solvent and chemical filtration and the clarification of aqueous solutions, reliably eliminating the need for pre-wetting and providing rapid initiation of processes for superior performance. It stands as a pinnacle in laboratory filtration systems, firmly positioned in the realm of advanced technologies.

Membrane Thickness: thickness is 150~300μm


*pack of 100

Code Diameter  Size
SE.31.6604-45 47mm od 0.45um
SE.31.6604-22 47mm od 0.22um
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47mm od x 0.45um, 47mm od x 0.22um
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