Filter Membrane

Filter Membrane Nylon


Size: 47mm od x 0.45um

47mm od x 0.45um
47mm od x 0.22um
SKU: SE.31.6603-45

The Filter Membrane Nylon offers outstanding precision and reliability, making it a perfect solution for any laboratory filtration project. Its durability, chemical resistance, and adjustable pore sizes make it a versatile option for a range of applications, from sample clarification and particulate removal to microbial analysis, all at the precise micron level.

From sample clarification to microbial analysis or particulate removal, its pore sizes can be set accurately at a micron level, making it a top choice for analytical and life science applications. 

*pack of 200

Code Diameter  Size
SE.31.6603-45 47mm od 0.45um
SE.31.6603-02 47mm od 0.22um
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47mm od x 0.45um, 47mm od x 0.22um
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