Filter Membrane

Filter Membrane MCE


Size: 13mm od x .22um

13mm od x .22um
13mm od x .45um
25mm od x .45um
47mm od x .45um
SKU: SE.31.6606-08

The Filter Membrane MCE is an essential component of laboratory filtration systems, known for its outstanding performance. Its specific blend of cellulose acetate and nitrate bestows superior filtration properties and low protein binding to the product, creating a reliable and durable filtration media. Proven to be indispensable in microbiology, analytical chemistry and environmental monitoring, the MCE membrane's range of pore sizes (including 0.22μm) allows for efficient particle and microorganism removal, greatly aiding in sterilization, separation, and purification processes.

Laboratories in all disciplines depend on the Filter Membrane MCE for its consistent, accurate results. Researchers, analysts, and scientists trust its capacity to meet the dynamic needs of modern filtration methodologies.

*pack of 200

Code Diameter  Size
SE.31.6606-08 13mm od 0.22um
SE.31.6606-09 13mm od 0.45um
SE.31.6606-11 25mm od 0.45um
SE.31.6606-45 47mm od 0.45um
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13mm od x .22um, 13mm od x .45um, 25mm od x .45um, 47mm od x .45um
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