Ferrite Magnet Ceramic

Ferrite Magnet Ceramic


Style: Rectangle

SKU: SE.31.0405-01

Ferrite Magnet Ceramics are used in science and laboratory settings, providing consistent and durable magnetic fields. They are also commonly used in educational demonstrations to explore the fundamental principles of magnetism. With their affordability and stability, these magnets are ideal for research facilities and educational institutions.

Rectangle Magnet (50x19x6mm): Used for a variety of applications, particularly those requiring a flat and elongated magnetic surface. It is commonly used in education, crafting, and industrial settings for experiments, closures, and securing objects. 

Ring Magnet (100x50mm diameter x 12mm thick): Creates a circular or annular magnetic field. Commonly utilized in loudspeakers, sensors, and experiments that require specific magnetic patterns.

*Pack of 10
*Radius corners

Product Code Shape Dimensions
SE.31.0405-01 Rectangle 50x19x6mm
SE.31.0503-01 Ring 100x50mm d x 12mm
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Rectangle, Ring

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