Evaporating Dish Glass Round Bottom

Evaporating Dish Glass Round Bottom


Size: 60mm od x 30mm

60mm od x 30mm
90mm od x 45mm h
120mm od x 60mm h
150mm od x 75mm h
230mm od x 100mm h
SKU: SE.31.2297-01

Evaporating Dish Glass Round Bottom is an indispensable piece of glassware for controlled evaporation of liquids. Its rounded bottom permits uniform heating and evaporation, and makes it ideal for experiments necessary to concentrate solutions or isolate dissolved substances.

Therefore, chemists and analytical lab technicians rely on them to concentrate samples, grow crystals, or make solutions with precise concentrations. Heat dispersal is smooth in the round-bottomed dish, so there's no risk of overheating and users can count on stable evaporation of liquids.

Brand: Nest

Code Dimensions
SE.31.2297-01 60mm od top x 30mm
SE.31.2298-01 90mm od top x 45mm h
SE.31.2307-01 120mm od top x 60mm h
SE.31.2317-01 150mm od top x 75mm h
SE.31.2288-01 230mm od top x 100mm h
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60mm od x 30mm, 90mm od x 45mm h, 120mm od x 60mm h, 150mm od x 75mm h, 230mm od x 100mm h

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