Electrostatic Rods

Electrostatic Rods


Material: Acrylic

SKU: SE.31.1533-01

Electrostatic Rods primarily demonstrate principles of electrostatics, enabling researchers and educators to illustrate the behavior of charged particles and electric fields. Scientists can study atmospheric electricity and lightning, as well as the electrostatic properties of different materials, to better understand charge distribution and electrical interactions.

Electrostatic Rods are used in electrostatic experiments, demonstrations, or educational applications where the principles of static electricity are studied. Each type of rod provides distinctive properties for showcasing electrostatic phenomena.

Potential Uses:

  1. Acrylic - used to demonstrate static electricity and educate about electrostatic phenomena
  2. Ebonite - excellent for insulating and can also be charged by friction for demonstrations
  3. Glass - commonly used in electrostatic experiments to demonstrate charge induction and repulsion in educational labs.
  4. Polythene - used for triboelectric charging experiments and static electricity demonstrations
Product Code Material
Dims (lxd)
SE.31.1533-01 Acrylic 300x10mm
SE.31.1543-01 Ebonite 300x12mm
SE.31.1553-01 Glass 300x12mm
SE.31.1563-01 Polythene 300x10mm
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    Acrylic, Ebonite, Glass, Polythene

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