Electroscope Pith Ball Simple

Electroscope Pith Ball Simple

SKU: SE.31.0253-01

The Electroscope Pith Ball Simple is a type of electrostatic demonstration tool, providing students with the opportunity to conceptually understand static electricity and charge interactions. It is particularly helpful in educational settings, as it simplifies and facilitates the study of electrostatics.

This basic device contains two lightweight pith balls connected to an insulated rod, allowing them to move freely. When a charged object or electric field is introduced, the pith balls exhibit electrostatic repulsion or attraction, thus serving as a demonstrable evidence of electrical activity. The Electroscope Pith Ball Simple is an invaluable asset in teaching the principles of charging by induction, positive and negative charges, and how charge is redistributed on conductive surfaces.

Product Code: SE.31.0253-01

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