Electronic Thermometer Freezer Fridge With Alarm

Electronic Thermometer Freezer Fridge With Alarm

SKU: SE.31.5197-01

An Electronic Thermometer Freezer Fridge With Alarm displays the temperature of your fridge or freezer. Equipped with an alarm, this electronic thermometer notifies users of any temperature changes that exceed the preset limits. Flashing LED lights alert you if the temperature falls out of the safe range. 

This helps monitor and control freezer and refrigerator temperature to ensure optimal conditions for storing perishable items, preventing spoilage or damage caused by temperature fluctuations. Users can easily set temperature thresholds, and the alarm will promptly alert them if the temperature deviates from the desired range, allowing for timely intervention and preservation of stored goods.

    Product Code SE.31.5197-01
    Temperature Range -50 to +70c


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