Dissecting Needle Flat Handle

Dissecting Needle Flat Handle


Type: Bent / Blunt

Bent / Blunt
Straight / Arrow Point
Straight / Fine
SKU: SE.31.1371-01

The Dissecting Needles with Flat Handle are designed for use in scientific and medical fields and are particularly useful for dissection, which involves the meticulous separation and examination of biological specimens for research, education, and medical purposes.

The flat handle design offers a comfortable grip and precise control for dissection, ensuring a secure hold and preventing the tool from rolling while manipulating tissues or structures. These needles are frequently utilized in scientific labs, anatomy courses, and healthcare environments to handle and manipulate small structures while performing dissections.

Material: Stainless Steel AISI 410 Grade

*Pack of 10

Product Code Type
SE.31.1371-01 Bent / Blunt
SE.31.1385-01 Straight / Arrow Point
SE.31.1381-01 Straight / Fine
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Bent / Blunt, Straight / Arrow Point, Straight / Fine

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