Dissecting Needle Plastic Handle

Dissecting Needle Plastic Handle


Type: Bent / Blunt

Bent / Blunt
Straight / Arrow Point
SKU: SE.31.1392-01

A Dissecting Needle Plastic Handle is an essential tool for any lab or classroom. The variety of dissecting needles satisfies specific preferences or needs during dissection procedures, making them ideal for a range of applications in research, education, or medical contexts. They offer versatility and come in different specifications, ensuring suitability for various uses.

Bent / Blunt Type: The curved design of this needle allows for precise maneuvering and access to difficult angles and structures, while the rounded tip is ideal for tasks that require a less sharp point.

Straight / Fine Point Type: The straight design is versatile for general dissection, while the fine point enables precise and meticulous work.

*Pack of 10

Product Code Type
SE.31.1392-01 Bent / Blunt
SE.31.1391-01 Straight / Fine
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Bent / Blunt, Straight / Arrow Point

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