Dissecting Instrument Set of 7

Dissecting Kit Set of 7

SKU: SE.31.0551-01

A Dissecting Instrument Set of 7 is a must-have for those working in scientific and laboratory settings, particularly those in fields like biology, anatomy, and pathology. This set usually contains instruments such as forceps, scissors, probes, and scalpel handles, each of which serves its own purpose when examining biological specimens.

Scientists and scholars use these instruments to handle, cut, and explore anatomical structures, giving them a more in-depth view of morphology, functioning, and pathological conditions. Additionally, the set's diversity ensures its versatility, allowing for the delicate dissection of samples from tiny organisms to complex biological structures.


  • Dissecting needle – 130mm
  • Probe - 150mm
  • Scissors - straight open shank sharp/sharp 100mm
  • Scissors – straight closed shank/blunt 130mm
  • Forceps – straight, blunt 130mm
  • Forceps - straight, pointed 130mm
  • Scalpel blade holder no. 4

Material: Carbon steel no.22

Side: 40mm edge 

Product Code: SE.31.0551-01

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