Dissecting Instrument Set of 4

Dissecting Kit Set of 4

SKU: SE.31.0549-01

A Dissecting Kit Set of 4 is essential in scientific and laboratory environments, especially for disciplines such as Biology and Anatomy. This set typically includes a dissecting scissors, forceps, a scalpel, and a teasing needle/probe - each of which serves its own distinct purpose in dissection and experimentation of biological specimens. The scissors are utilized for precise cutting, while forceps enable careful handling and manipulation of tissues. The scalpel delivers a sharp cutting edge for more complex dissections, and the teasing needle/probe aids in distinguishing and inspecting minuscule structures.

By using all of these tools in combination, experts and students can carry out in-depth anatomical/physiological studies and comparative anatomy research efficiently and accurately.


  • Splinter forceps 11.5cm straight
  • Scalpel handle no. 4  & blade
  • Dissecting scissors, 11.5cm straight
  • Artery forceps 12.5cm

Product Code: SE.31.0549-01

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