Dissecting Instrument Set of 10

Dissecting Kit Set of 10

SKU: SE.31.0641-01

 A Dissecting Instrument Set of 10 is commonly used across science and laboratory settings, especially in fields like biology, anatomy, and veterinary studies. The set may include scalpels, forceps, scissors, and probes, all crafted for precise dissection and examination of biological specimens. 

Researchers, students, and anatomists alike use this diverse set to perform a range of dissection tasks, from subtle manipulations to more complex procedures that require isolating and analyzing certain tissues or structures. By enabling the exploration of in-depth anatomical details, these instruments empower researchers to gain unique insights into the morphology and function of living organisms.


  • Please refer to list below for contents 
  • 130mm forceps serrated - medium point
  • 130mm forceps - fine point
  • Ruler
  • #4 scalpel handle
  • Plastic transfer pipette - 3ml
  • 11cm Scissors - sharp/sharp (Metzenbaum)
  • 11cm Scissors - sharp/sharp (General purpose)
  • Needle/probe x 2
  • Dissecting Pins 1 x pack/6

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Product Code: SE.31.0641-01

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