Digital Stopwatch

Digital Stopwatch

SKU: SE.31.4276-01

The Digital Stopwatch is an essential tool for scientists and researchers in various fields such as physics, biology, and chemistry. It provides precise and accurate time measurements for experiments involving events like oscillations, free falls, enzyme kinetics, and reactions. Its simplicity and accuracy make it a fundamental tool for conducting rigorous experiments.

  • Time and calendar
  • Pre-settable pacer
  • Extremely durable
  • Water and Shock Resistant
  • LCD panel and lanyard
  • Measures up to 24 hours

Direction of the Keys:

  • S1: to start,stop,adjust
  • S2: to cycle,select
  • S3: to display by segments,renew,setting
  • S4: functional transformation

 Product Specifications:

Product Code
Size: 82. 5x 62.5 x 22.5mm
Stopwatch: 1/100s
Display Number Size:  4mmx12mm (w x h)
Battery: AG13 × 1pc
Chronograph:  1/100 split/lap time
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