Digital Refractometer Bench Top

Digital Refractometer Bench Top

SKU: SE.31.3676-01

A Digital Refractometer Bench Top is used in laboratories, research, and education settings for measuring the refractive index of liquids, solids, or semi-solids and is also suitable for quality control processes and material analysis in various industries. Refractometers are widely used in different fields such as chemistry, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and more. Their purpose is to determine the concentration or purity of a substance through its refractive index.

This instrument is commonly used in laboratories for accurate measurement of the refractive index of different substances. It assists researchers in determining concentrations and evaluating the purity of liquids in chemical analysis. A precise digital readout ensures dependable and repeatable results, which makes it essential in quality control processes for pharmaceutical companies. It is used to verify the uniformity and concentration of liquid formulations.

Product Code:  SE.31.3676-01
Refraction Index: 1.3-1.7
Type: Abbe
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