Digital Brix Refractometer
Salinity Digital Refractometer
Wine Digital Refractometer

Digital Refractometer


Range: 0.0-90.0% / Brix

0.0-90.0% / Brix
0.0-28.0% / Salinity
0-45% / Wine
SKU: SE.31.3733-01

A Digital Refractometer is an electronic instrument used to measure the refractive index or concentration of a liquid substance. Its digital readout provides precise and accurate measurements. Digital refractometers are renowned for their precision, user-friendly features, and added benefits such as automatic temperature compensation (ATC) for accurate measurements in varying temperature conditions. They are highly efficient and ideal for situations requiring rapid and precise readings.

Salinity Digital Refractometer

This model measures salinity and refractive index, with automatic temperature compensation and a standardized scale for accurate, easy-to-read results. Digital display included.

Digital Brix Refractometer

This digital refractometer is specifically designed to accurately measure the concentration of soluble solids, which can be up to 100% sugar, in various aqueous solutions. It is suitable for use with fruit juices, syrups, purees, lemonades, coffee and cocoa drinks, soft drinks, and a range of other solutions, including water-soluble cutting oils and washing solutions.

Wine Digital Refractometer

The unit includes automatic temperature compensation (ATC), eliminating the need for temperature corrections between 0 and 40 ℃ (32~104℉). It utilizes a standardized scale, providing precise and easily readable measurements. The digital display offers rapid and clear wine readings.

Package list:

  • 1x ATC Digital Refractometer
  • 1x A Mini-screw driver
  • 1x Protective carrying case
  • 1x manual
Product Code Description Range Measurement
SE.31.3733-01 Brix 0.0-90.0% 1.333-1.5177 ri
SE.31.3733-02 Salinity 0.0-28.0% 1.3900 ri 
SE.31.3733-03 Wine 0-45% 0-22% vol.
Additional Information

0.0-90.0% / Brix, 0.0-28.0% / Salinity, 0-45% / Wine
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