Digital Lux Light Meter

Digital Lux Light Meter

SKU: SE.31.0607-01

The Digital Lux Light Meter is an instrument used in photometry. This meter can accurately measure illuminance in lux units.

In scientific and lab environments, it has various applications, providing assistance to researchers in fields such as physics, biology, and environmental science. Its precision allows for detailed examination of lighting conditions, necessary for conducting experiments concerning photosynthesis, light-sensitive biological processes, and the effects of artificial lighting in controlled settings.  

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Dimensions: 26x 32x9.5cm
Range:  0-50,000 Lux. 3 Ranges
Display:  18mm (0.7") LCD
Over-input: Indication of "I"
Sampling Time:  0.4 second
Operating Temp: 0 to 50 deg c (32 - 122 deg F)
Operating Humidity: less than 80% R.H.
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