Colony Counter Digital and Spare

Digital Colony Counter and Spares


Item: Colony Counter Digital

Colony Counter Digital
Spare Adjustable Focusing Arm
Spare Auxiliary Lens 1.5x
Spare Fluorescent Tube
SKU: SE.31.0382-01

The Digital Colony Counter uses advanced circuitry and a pressure sensor for complete coverage of the work area, making it ideal for counting bacteria on any size petri dish. It also features ring-shaped fluorescent lamps that provide uniform and non-glare illumination with the press of a button, creating an optimal working environment for the operator. 

This displays up to 4-digit counts on a bright red LED. The adjustable focusing arm supports various lens positions and magnifications for easy use.

Colony Counter Digital Spare Parts enhance the operational performance and longevity of the precision instrument. These spares make sure a colony counter works accurately and dependably through time. They help researchers replace worn or broken parts, so colony counting remains accurate and reliable.


  • 30 X 33 X 10cm 5 kg
  • Built-in electronic register on deluxe model, pen-operated
  • Pressure sensor 
  • Reset button for immediate zeroing of the 4-digit counter
  • Flexible adjuster: 10 cm to 15 cm petri dishes
  • Adjustable focusing arm allows 1.5x standard lens to be raised or lowered
  • Lens can be rotated 360˚
  • Background plate can be changed to white or black
Code Items
SE.31.0382-01 Digital Colony Counter
SE.31.0809-01 Spare Adjustable Focusing Arm
SE.31.0819-01 Spare Auxiliary Lens,1.5x
SE.31.0849-01 Spare Fluorescent Tube
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Colony Counter Digital, Spare Adjustable Focusing Arm, Spare Auxiliary Lens 1.5x, Spare Fluorescent Tube
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