Diamond Tip Pencil For Glass Writing

Diamond Tip Pencil For Glass Writing

SKU: SE.31.2105-01

The Diamond Tip Pencil For Glass Writing is a specialized, industrial-grade instrument ideal for creating permanent, precise markings on glass surfaces. Its tip is made of diamond, one of the hardest substances on Earth. This versatile tool does not require additional inks or pigments and is used in both professional and creative settings.

In scientific environments, diamond tip pencils are utilized by experts to label and distinguish glassware, such as beakers, flasks, and test tubes. The diamond tip guarantees long-lasting markings that endure after multiple washings and sterilizations.

In industrial settings where glass is utilized, Diamond Tip Pencils are utilized to produce permanent identification marks, labels, or serial numbers. This is a common practice in the production of glass panels, lenses, or other glass products.

Product Code:  SE.31.2105-01

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