Density Cubes Set 1cm

Density Cubes Set 1cm

SKU: SE.31.0118-01

Density Cubes 1cm Edge Set is essential for science and lab experiments, particularly in physics and education. Their uniformity makes them an effective teaching and research tool for concepts such as volume, density, and math. Researchers use them to study the effects of different materials on density and buoyancy, helping students understand mass and volume principles.

The cubes are designed for optimal accuracy and precision in lab experiments, giving students and researchers alike reliable data for their studies and discoveries. Their size and shape make them an ideal tool for studying the physical and chemical behavior of different materials, including density and buoyancy, allowing students to get a comprehensive understanding of mass and volume principles.

*For Density Experiments, in plastic case
*Set of 6 


  • Alum
  • Brass
  • Copper 
  • Lead
  • Zinc
  • Iron

*Cubes can rust over time.  Store in a dry, moisture free area. If rust builds up, simply wipe with cloth and a small amount of oil.

Product Code: SE.31.0118-01
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