Demonstration Meter

Demonstration Meter Scale Only


Scale: 0-50mA DC

0-50mA DC
0-5A DC
10-0-10mA DC
0-15V DC
0-100mA DC
0-1A DC
0-10V DC
0-300V DC
10-0-10V DC
0-10V AC
0-50V AC
0-300V AC
SKU: SE.31.0733-01

The Demonstration Meter Scale Only provides precise and clear visual representations of measurements. Often associated with various measuring devices, such as ammeters or voltmeters, this scale is an important resource for science educators in both laboratory and classroom settings.

With accurate calibration, it displays electrical quantities, allowing students to easily comprehend and analyze current or voltage readings. Its versatility expands beyond traditional teaching environments, making it useful for custom instruments and demonstrations where precise electrical measurements are necessary. 

*scale only

Product Code
SE.31.0733-01 0-50mA DC
SE.31.0733-01 0-5A DC
SE.31.0733-01 10-0-10mA DC
SE.31.0733-01 0-15V DC
SE.31.0733-01 0-100mA DC
SE.31.0733-01 0-1A DC
SE.31.0733-01 0-10V DC
SE.31.0733-01 0-300V DC
SE.31.0733-01 10-0-10V DC
SE.31.0733-01 0-10V AC
SE.31.0733-01 0-50V AC
SE.31.0733-01 0-300V AC
Additional Information

0-50mA DC, 0-5A DC, 10-0-10mA DC, 0-15V DC, 0-100mA DC, 0-1A DC, 0-10V DC, 0-300V DC, 10-0-10V DC, 0-10V AC, 0-50V AC, 0-300V AC
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