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Deep Form Basins with Spout Fused Silica Quartz


Title: 10ml


Deep Form Basins with Spout Fused Silica Quartz are essential for laboratory processes necessitating accurate liquid handling and pouring. It provides impressive heat and chemical resistance, ensuring a trustworthy product for demanding operations.

The deep form and spout design of these basins provide controlled pouring and minimized risk of spills, guaranteeing precise measurements. These basins are suitable in a variety of laboratory settings, such as analytical chemistry and materials research, which necessitate controlled liquid handling.

Additionally, the high-temperature stability of fused silica/quartz makes them suitable for use in processes involving hot liquids or corrosive chemicals. The addition of the spout enhances liquid transfer efficiency, helping to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of experiments.

Item Code Capacity (ml) Dia. (mm) Height (mm)
S1110 10 40 18
S1120 15 50 25
S1130 45 60 30
S1140 90 80 45
S1150 170 100 55
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