Cylindrical Lens Plano Concave and Convex

Cylindrical Lens Plano Concave and Convex


Focal Length: 6cm / Concave

6cm / Concave
15cm / Concave
30cm / Concave
6cm / Convex
7.5cm / Convex
10cm / Convex
15cm / Convex
SKU: SE.31.0506-01

The Cylindrical Lens in Plano Concave and Convex are key elements in the field of precision optics for laboratory equipment. These lenses play a crucial role in experimental setups related to optics, spectroscopy, and laser technology.

Plano Concave Cylindrical Lenses - commonly utilized to correct astigmatism by diverging light in one meridian

Plano Convex Cylindrical Lenses - help manipulate laser beams and improve their focusing abilities by converging light

Dimensions: 50x45mm (height by width)

Product Code Lens Type Focal Length
SE.31.0506-01 Concave 6cm
SE.31.0516-01 Concave 15cm
SE.31.0526-01 Concave 30cm
SE.31.0536-01 Convex 6cm
SE.31.0546-01 Convex 7.5cm
SE.31.0556-01 Convex 10cm
SE.31.0566-01 Convex 15cm
Additional Information
Focal Length

6cm / Concave, 15cm / Concave, 30cm / Concave, 6cm / Convex, 7.5cm / Convex, 10cm / Convex, 15cm / Convex
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