Crucible Nickel Filtration With Lid

Crucible Nickel Filtration With Lid


Size: 15ml

SKU: SE.31.1737-01

A Crucible Nickel Filtration With Lid is ideal for numerous filtration processes that require nickel due to its chemical inertness and resistance to reactions. Scientists use it for gravimetric analysis, to separate solids from liquid solutions. The lid is particularly useful here, ensuring that volatile compounds don't escape and that the sample remains in its original state. The lid adds extra safety and security, making it an invaluable tool for applications in the lab.

This product is an asset to any lab looking for high accuracy and sample stability, due to its strong resistance to corrosion and its long-lasting quality.

Code Size Full Carton Qty Inner Carton Qty
SE.31.1737-01 15ml 540 pcs 70 pcs
SE.31.1747-01 25ml 480 pcs 40 pcs
SE.31.1757-01 50ml 480 pcs  40 pcs
SE.31.1758-01 70ml 240 pcs 30 pcs
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