CRABEE Meter Mini In-Line Type
CRABEE Meter Mini In-Line Type

CRABEE Meter Mini In-Line Type


Type: DC Ammeter

DC Ammeter
DC Voltmeter
SKU: SE.31.0730-01

A CRABEE Meter Mini In-Line Type is a compact and advanced measuring instrument that serves as a versatile tool for precise current measurements in electrical circuits. It is vital for accurate current measurements, aiding researchers, engineers, and educators in understanding and analyzing electrical circuit behaviour.

Its compact size makes it ideal for in-line integration within experimental setups or electronic projects, providing real-time monitoring of electrical currents.

Brand: Narika
Size: 53×21×15mm
Whole length: ca 280mm
Battery: CR1220 x1pcs

*Automatically switchable display 


This compact Ammeter Meter is designed to effortlessly attach to your circuit. It includes alligator clip leads, boasts a sleek design for easy measuring of current, and automatically calibrates and powers off to conserve battery life. 3V Lithium Battery included.


This compact Digital Ammeter easily integrates into your circuit, complete with alligator clip leads. Its sleek design and auto-calibration function allow for effortless current measurement. Additionally, the meter includes a polarity indicator and automatic power-saving feature for extended battery life.3V Lithium Battery included.

Product Code
Item Range Display
SE.31.0730-01 DC Ammeter ±3A 1mA (0~±500mA), 0.01A (~±3.0A)
SE.31.0730-01 DC Voltmeter ±25V 0.01V (0~±5.00V), 0.1V (±5.1V~±25.0V)
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DC Ammeter, DC Voltmeter
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