Convex Mirror Pack of 10

Convex Mirror


Size: 50mm / 5cm

50mm / 5cm
50mm / 7.5cm
50mm / 10cm
50mm / 15cm
50mm / 20cm
50mm / 25cm
50mm / 30cm
50mm / 50cm
75mm / 7.5cm
75mm / 10cm
75mm / 15cm
75mm / 20cm
75mm / 25cm
75mm / 30cm
SKU: SE.31.0786-01

Convex Mirror is an essential tool for investigating light reflection principles. This mirror's curved surface plays a critical role in experiments involving optics and physics. Simply place the Convex Mirror strategically to capture incoming light, allowing for a thorough examination of divergent reflections.

This versatile optical device is an invaluable tool for hands-on exploration of optical concepts, providing a comprehensive understanding of light behavior. Whether utilized for educational purposes or advanced research, the Convex Mirror is a reliable companion for scientists, researchers, and educators navigating the complexities of light and reflection in a laboratory setting.

*Pack of 10

Product Code:
Diameter Focal Length
SE.31.0786-01 50mm 5cm
SE.31.0796-01 50mm 7.5cm
SE.31.0806-01 50mm 10cm
SE.31.0816-01 50mm 15cm
SE.31.0826-01 50mm 20cm
SE.31.0836-01 50mm 25cm
SE.31.0846-01 50mm 30cm
SE.31.0856-01 50mm 50cm
SE.31.0876-01 75mm 7.5cm
SE.31.0886-01 75mm 10cm
SE.31.0896-01 75mm 15cm
SE.31.0916-01 75mm 20cm
SE.31.0926-01 75mm 25cm
SE.31.0936-01 75mm 30cm
Additional Information

50mm / 5cm, 50mm / 7.5cm, 50mm / 10cm, 50mm / 15cm, 50mm / 20cm, 50mm / 25cm, 50mm / 30cm, 50mm / 50cm, 75mm / 7.5cm, 75mm / 10cm, 75mm / 15cm, 75mm / 20cm, 75mm / 25cm, 75mm / 30cm
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