Convection In Air Apparatus With Chimneys

Convection In Air Apparatus With Chimneys

SKU: SE.31.0086-01

The Convection In Air Apparatus With Chimneys is essential for science and laboratory work, precisely constructed for studying and demonstrating convective heat transfer in air. This device features a heat source - usually an electrically heated plate - encompassed by chimneys. 

Convection is a method of heat transfer in liquid and gases. Air heated by a candle moves up one chimney while cooler air moves down another to replace the lost air. These currents can be seen against a dark backdrop.

In physics and thermodynamics establishments, this apparatus is employed to research convection, granting researchers and scholars to view how temperature disparities set off fluid motion and analyze the components effecting convective heat transfer.


  • Metal box with acrylic front
  • Two acrylic chimneys
*You need a smoke source.

*Slide front out to access the two acrylic chimneys

Product Code: SE.31.0086-01
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