Conductivity Heat Conductometer

Conductivity Heat Conductometer

SKU: SE.31.0071-01

The Conductivity Heat Conductometer, also known as a heat conductometer, is an apparatus used in scientific and laboratory environments for measuring thermal conductivity of a material. This instrument contains a sample holder and heat source, along with a way to monitor the temperature gradient of the material.

Heat is applied to one end of a sample, and the temperature change over time is assessed. Researchers leverage the thermal conductivity equation to determine the material's thermal conductive properties. This tool is essential for materials science, helping to evaluate and compare materials when thermal regulation is paramount, e.g. for creating insulation or optimizing heat exchangers.

  • Five Metals Included
  • Metals: Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Nickel, and Steel
  • Students Gauge What Metal Heats Best
*On Handle
*Heat source required

    Product Code: SE.31.0071-01
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