Concave Mirror

Concave Mirror


Size: 50mm / 5cm

50mm / 5cm
50mm / 7.5cm
50mm / 10cm
50mm / 15cm
50mm / 20cm
50mm / 25cm
50mm / 30cm
50mm / 50cm
75mm / 7.5cm
75mm / 10cm
75mm / 15cm
75mm / 20cm
75mm / 25cm
75mm / 30cm
75mm / 50cm
SKU: SE.31.0616-01

A Concave Mirror has a curved surface that converges light rays, making it indispensable in experiments involving optics, physics, and astronomy. Its reflective properties enable the manipulation and focusing of light for various applications, such as in optical benches, laser setups, or celestial observations. 

In laboratory environments, the Concave Mirror finds use in experiments exploring image formation, light reflection, and the principles of optics. It's an essential tool for conducting scientific studies on light and image formation.

*silvered back

*Pack of 10

Product Code:
Focal Length
SE.31.0616-01 50mm 5cm
SE.31.0626-01 50mm 7.5cm
SE.31.0636-01 50mm 10cm
SE.31.0646-01 50mm 15cm
SE.31.0656-01 50mm 20cm
SE.31.0666-01 50mm 25cm
SE.31.0676-01 50mm 30cm
SE.31.0686-01 50mm 50cm
SE.31.0706-01 75mm 7.5cm
SE.31.0716-01 75mm 10cm
SE.31.0736-01 75mm 15cm
SE.31.0746-01 75mm 20cm
SE.31.0756-01 75mm 25cm
SE.31.0766-01 75mm 30cm
SE.31.0767-01 75mm 50cm
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50mm / 5cm, 50mm / 7.5cm, 50mm / 10cm, 50mm / 15cm, 50mm / 20cm, 50mm / 25cm, 50mm / 30cm, 50mm / 50cm, 75mm / 7.5cm, 75mm / 10cm, 75mm / 15cm, 75mm / 20cm, 75mm / 25cm, 75mm / 30cm, 75mm / 50cm
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