Column Chromatography Glass

Chromatography Column Glass

SKU: SE.31.GE1975-01

A Chromatography Column Glass is a common laboratory tool used to separate compounds. The column houses the stationary phase while the mobile phase passes through it. The technology has applications in both gas and liquid chromatography.

It facilitates the purification and separation of compounds via a packed stationary phase, such as alumina or silica gel. Upon addition of the mixture at the top, solvents are passed through the glass column which enables the components to interact with the stationary phase, thus allowing for separation based on polarity and molecular mass. A key advantage of these glass columns is the visible monitoring of the process, which permits researchers to collect fractions with each component for further study or use.

Product Code: SE.31.GE1975-01

  • Porosity 3
  • With Fritted Disc
  • 14-15mm od
  • 11mm id

*no stopcock
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