Cloud Chamber Cold Plate

Cloud Chamber Cold Plate

SKU: SE.31.0035-01

A Cloud Chamber Cold Plate secures points for apparatuses such as glassware. This clamp allows a high range of movement for positioning and orienting equipment to stands & frames, optimizing experiments, observations, and analysis. This Cloud Chamber utilizes an advanced cold plate to deliver reliable refrigeration for up to 60 minutes in standard freezers, delivering cost-effective and reliable performance.

Radiation tracks can be monitored for a period of up to 20 minutes (until ethanol has evaporated) in a room with a temperature of 25℃ (77°F). The Cloud Chamber Cold Plate can reliably be frozen and reused several times, with 99.5% ethanol and hot water (~50° C) as the only necessary consumables for examining radiation tracks.

Brand: Narika

Product Code: SE.31.0035-01

Included Size Material
Cloud Plate 150 x 150 x Thickness 35 mm Resin (PVC)
Observation Dome 100 x 100 x Height 110 mm  Transparent resin (PVC) 
Hot water tub      130 x 130 x 70 mm Resin (PVC)
Super-luminosity LED light  
Alt radiation source for cloud chamber 
PVC Rod  φ13 x 24 mm 
Defrosting plate 80 x 80 mm; Thickness 1 mm Resin (PVC)
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