Classic Reading Magnifier

Classic Reading Magnifier


Size: 50mm / 3x6x

50mm / 3x6x
75mm / 2.5/5x
90mm / 2x4x
110mm / 2x4x
SKU: SE.31.3245-01

The Classic Reading Magnifier is a precision tool designed to improve readability in scientific literature, documents, and intricate laboratory details. Perfect for use in the lab or at your desk.

It provides clear and distortion-free magnification essential for researchers and professionals who need to read small print, examine delicate specimens, or conduct detailed analyses. With its reliable precision and ergonomic comfort, the Classic Reading Magnifier is an invaluable aid for enhancing scientific documentation and observations.

Product Code
Lens Dia. Mag.
SE.31.3245-01 50mm 3x6x
SE.31.3255-01 75mm 2.5/5x
SE.31.3265-01 90mm 2x4x
SE.31.3235-01 110mm 2x4x
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50mm / 3x6x, 75mm / 2.5/5x, 90mm / 2x4x, 110mm / 2x4x
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