Circuit Board Worcester Full Kit

Circuit Board Worcester Full Kit

SKU: SE.31.113-01

Circuit Board Kit Worcester Full Kit is an educational kit designed in the UK as part of the 'Worcester' system. It contains an array of components such as cell holders, switches, lamps, links, rectifier, resistor, potentiometer, fuse and resistance wires, electrodes, and more. All components are fastened onto a large back board featuring 16x sturdy pins that facilitate circuit creation through connection from pin to pin.

This 300mm square circuit board provides 16 resilient connectors to attach components and facilitate users to understand the basics of electricity. All parts feature a metallic tab to ensure a secure connection to the pins. IEC further offers advanced electricity kits in their range.

With the Worchester Full Kit, users benefit from essential accessories, such as connectors, insulated wires for heating and melting, light bulbs, battery holders, cables with crocodile clips, lamp holders, push switch, thin copper foil, carbon electrodes, along with a comprehensive manual.

*Choking hazard to children under 3 years old

Product Code: EM0113-01

Component Description:

  • Base board with 16x pins
  • Plain connectors to fit pins
  • Lamp holders with tabs to fit pins
  • Press switches with tabs to fit pins
  • Rheostat (small, rotary) with tabs to fit pins
  • Rectifier diode with tabs to fit pins
  • Resistor, 3.9 ohms, with tabs to fit pins
  • MES lamp globes
  • Soft iron nails
  • Electrode support disc (insulating)
  • Pair cables with 4mm banana plug and alligator clip
  • Pair cables with alligator clips
  • Alligator clips
  • Coil of bare copper wire (50g x 24 SWG)
  • Coil of bare resistance wire (4m x 34 SWG)
  • Coil of PVC covered wire (2.5m)
  • Packet of pencil leads for electrodes
  • Sheet of copper foil
  • Experiment manual
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