Circuit Board Spare Parts

Circuit Board Spare Parts


Material: Base Board

Base Board
Battery Holder
Connector w/Rheostat
Copper Foil Sheet
Lamp Holder w/Connector
Lead Allig/Allig
Spring Connector Plain
Switch Contact Key
SKU: SE.31.0113-14

A Circuit Board Base Board provides a steady surface for constructing and linking electronic components. It usually features a grid-like pattern to help arrange components efficiently, guaranteeing precision and convenience. Moreover, the board normally includes standardized mounting holes for compatibility with many electronic components, allowing for greater adaptability in the design of circuits. 


  • Base Board - stable surface for assembling/connecting electronic components
  • Battery Holder D Cellcrucial for conducting electronic experiments and prototyping, provides a reliable power source and a secure area for D size batteries.
  • Connector With Rheostatadjust resistance levels for precise control of current flow in electronic circuits
  • Copper Foil Sheetserves as a conductor for electrical currents and providing precise tracing and secure attachment for components
  • Lamp Holder w/Connector - connects LEDs to circuit boards
  • Lead Allig/Alligspecialized connector for temporary, rapid, and reliable electrical connections in laboratory and scientific settings
  • Rectifier - converts AC to DC providing a source of unidirectional current for electronic circuits, sensors, and instrumentation
  • Spring Connector Plain - attaches wires or leads to specific points on a circuit board for rapid connections without the need for soldering
  • Switch Contact Key - controls the electrical connection within a circuit with a switch mechanism that can open or close the contact points, thus interrupting or allowing the flow of current
Code Item Description
SE.31.0113-14 Base Board w/5mm d metal pins fitted
SE.31.0113-07 Battery Holder w/spring contacts to fit pin to pin
SE.31.0113-04 Connector w/Rheostat wire wound, 10ohms
SE.31.0113-08 Copper Foil Sheet square, 150x150mm
SE.31.0113-11 Lamp Holder w/Connector MES, spring contacts to fit pin to pin
SE.31.0113-13 Lead Allig/Allig cables, pair, 300mml
SE.31.0113-01 Rectifier 1A silicon, spring contacts, pin to pin
SE.31.0113-15 Spring Connector Plain joiners that connect pin to pin
SE.31.0113-16 Switch Contact Key w/spring contacts to fit pin to pin
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    Base Board, Battery Holder, Connector w/Rheostat, Copper Foil Sheet, Lamp Holder w/Connector, Lead Allig/Allig, Rectifier, Spring Connector Plain, Switch Contact Key
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