Chladni's Plates Set of 2

Chladni's Plates with Violin Bow and Sand


Item: Plates with Violin Bow & Sand

Plates with Violin Bow & Sand
Dry Sand Only
Violin Bow Only
SKU: SE.SW0855-001

There are many methods to demonstrate vibrations and waves in air columns, strings, springs etc. but an interesting investigation is the demonstration of vibrations in flat plates. In 1787 a scientist named Chladni studied the behavior of fine sand sprinkled on flat plates when the plates were set into a natural vibration. To this day the study of vibration patterns on plates is performed in the same manner. 

The plate of metal or glass is supported rigidly at its center and is agitated into 'singing' by the passing of Diameter: 160mm a violin bow across its edge. This 'singing' is the sound heard when the plate vibrates at its natural resonant frequency.

Kit Includes: 

  • 1 x Square plate on clamp 150x150mm
  • 1 x Round plate on clamp. 150mm diameter
  • 1 x Violin bow
  • 1 x Resin for bow
  • 1 kg Specially graded fine silica sand (100 grit)

*for Oscillations and Waves

Brand: IEC

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Product Code Item Descriptions
SE.SW0855-001 Plates w/Violin Bow & Sand Set of 2, 160mm (dia) x 160mm (H); 1.7 kg
SE.PA0855-002 Dry Sand Only special sand, 1kg
SE.PA0855-003 Violin Bow Only
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Plates with Violin Bow & Sand, Dry Sand Only, Violin Bow Only
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