Centrifuge Hand Operated 4 Place With Tubes

Centrifuge Hand Operated 4 Places

SKU: SE.31.1895-01

Centrifuge Hand Operated 4 Places is manually operated and has four tube positions is a critical apparatus for laboratories, especially in circumstances with restricted access to electricity or when being transported is a necessity. This machine separates components within liquid samples through spinning them at high velocity and is beneficial for small-scale operations such as in clinical labs or outdoor research.

It enables the efficient isolation of substances like DNA, RNA, or proteins, and its four-place rotor design allows for simultaneous use of multiple tubes, making it an ideal choice for moderate throughput requirements in resource-limited environments.

Product Code: SE.31.1895-01

Holds: 10-15ml tubes
Overall length: 280mm
Id of ring:  22mm (where plastic tube sits)
Id of plastic tube:  18mm
Od of plastic tube:  24mm (measurement taken at rim)
Materials: Plastic body w/metal side plate and metal clamping plate

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