Cell Culture Plate Well Sterile

Cell Culture Plate Well Sterile


Size: 6 Wells

6 Wells
12 Wells
24 Wells
48 Wells
96 Wells
SKU: SE.31.6501-01

The Cell Culture Plate Well Sterile contains a plastic or glass plate with several wells, specifically created for cell cultures. Each well is designed to maintain a sterile environment, allowing for the growth and observation of cells under controlled conditions.

The wells on the plate enable researchers to isolate varying cell cultures or treatments within a single experiment. They come in several formats, including 6-well, 12-well, 24-well, 48-well, or 96-well plates, giving versatility for different experimental configurations. Cell culture plates are a crucial tool in cell biology and biomedical research, facilitating the examination of cell behavior, proliferation, and reactions to diverse treatments in regulated environments. 

Bottom: Flat

Colour: Transparent

Brand: Nest

Product Code Wells Growth Area Medium Vol. Qty
SE.31.6501-01 6 9.5 cm2 1.9-2.9ml 50
SE.31.6503-01 12 3.6 cm2 0.76-1.14ml 50
SE.31.6505-01 24 1.9 cm2 0.38-0.57ml 50
SE.31.6506-01 48 0.88 cm2 0.19-0.285ml 50
SE.31.6507-01 96 0.32 cm2 0.1-0.2ml 100
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6 Wells, 12 Wells, 24 Wells, 48 Wells, 96 Wells

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