Cell Culture Flask

Cell Culture Flask


Size: 25cm2 / 50ml / plug seal

25cm2 / 50ml / plug seal
25cm2 / 50ml / vent
75cm2 / 250ml / plug seal
75cm2 / 250ml / vent
175cm2 / 750ml / plug seal
175cm2 / 750ml / vent
SKU: SE.31.6295-01

A Cell Culture Flask promote optimal cell growth and propagation used in cell biology and biotechnology. These flasks are essential for cultivating cells in a precise and controlled environment. This cell cultureware boast a sterile and biocompatible surface that facilitates cell adhesion, proliferation, and viability.

The Cell Culture Flask is a crucial tool for achieving accurate and controlled cell growth and propagation in both cell biology and biotechnology. Its sterile and biocompatible surface is designed specifically to enhance cell adhesion, proliferation, and viability. Trust in this essential cell cultureware to provide optimal conditions for your research and experiments.

 *TC treated 

Brand: Nest

 Code Size Cap Type Qty/Case
SE.31.6295-01 25cm2 / 50ml plug seal 200 pcs
SE.31.6295-02 25cm2 / 50ml vent 200 pcs
SE.31.6297-01 75cm2 / 250ml plug seal 100 pcs
SE.31.6297-02 75cm2 / 250ml vent 100 pcs
SE.31.6299-01 175cm2 / 750ml plug seal 40 pcs
SE.31.6299-02 175cm2 / 750ml vent 40 pcs
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25cm2 / 50ml / plug seal, 25cm2 / 50ml / vent, 75cm2 / 250ml / plug seal, 75cm2 / 250ml / vent, 175cm2 / 750ml / plug seal, 175cm2 / 750ml / vent

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