Cathode Ray Tube

Cathode Ray Tube


Type: Electrostatic Deflection

Electrostatic Deflection
Magnetic Effect
Maltese Cross / Straight Electron
Mechanical Effect
SKU: SE.31.3613-01

The Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) is essential in research, particularly in physics and nuclear physics investigations. Its wide usage in laboratories allows scientists to study the behavior of charged particles in electric and magnetic fields. Additionally, CRTs are crucial components in electronics labs for analyzing voltage waveforms using oscilloscopes. With its comprehensive understanding of particle dynamics, the CRT plays a significant role in advancing various scientific fields, including electricity, magnetism, and particle physics. 

*suitable for use with a Rhumkorpf or Spark coil

    Product Code Type
    SE.31.3613-01 Electrostatic Deflection
    SE.31.1633-01 Magnetic Effect
    SE.31.1623-01 Maltese Cross / Straight Electron
    SE.31.1634-01 Mechanical Effect
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      Electrostatic Deflection, Magnetic Effect, Maltese Cross / Straight Electron, Mechanical Effect
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