Carbon Rods

Carbon Rods


Size: 150x6mm

SKU: SE.31.1533-20

Carbon Rods, also known as Graphite Rods, are extremely conductive and have excellent resistance to both acidic and alkaline solutions. They are commonly used for electrolysis experiments involving reactive materials, chemical solutions, and other compounds, making them a viable alternative to platinum electrodes in certain cases.

Carbon rods are often utilized for electrical conduction, specifically in fields such as physics and electrochemistry, and in laboratory setups. However, they may not possess the same electrostatic characteristics as materials specifically chosen for their ability to generate and demonstrate static electricity. 

*pack of 10

Product Code Dimensions (lxd) Descriptions
SE.31.1533-20 150x6mm Read Safety Data Sheet
SE.31.1533-10 150x7-8mm Read Safety Data Sheet
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    150x6mm, 150x7-8mm
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