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Topic: Monocot Stem

Monocot Stem
Typical Plant Stem
Typical Flower
Leaf Anatomy
Dicot System (Sunflower)
SKU: SE.31.0355-01

Botany Models are an essential tool for students and researchers that provides a three-dimensional representation of plant structures for a comprehensive understanding of plant biology. In laboratory settings, they are useful for illustrating key concepts such as flower types, leaf arrangements, and root structures. As tactile learning aids, botany models can help students visualize and comprehend complex botanical principles. 

*self assembly

Product Code
SE.31.0355-01 Monocot Stem
SE.31.0356-01 Typical Plant Stem
SE.31.0357-01 Typical Flower
SE.31.0354-01 Leaf Anatomy
SE.31.0353-01 Dicot System (Sunflower)
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Monocot Stem, Typical Plant Stem, Typical Flower, Leaf Anatomy, Dicot System (Sunflower)
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