Blood Cell Counter Bench Top

Blood Cell Counter Bench Top


Type: 2 Key

2 Key
5 Key
8 Key
SKU: SE.31.1984-01

These bench-top cell counters are designed for hematology analysis and tailored to the varying demands of laboratory experts. The 2-key model excels in basic cell counting, while the 5-key and 8-key versions provide enhanced capabilities, such as differential leukocyte counting. Each key corresponds to a specific blood cell type, ensuring precise identification and measurement. 

Ideal for labs, research centers, and healthcare facilities, the Blood Cell Counter Bench Top boosts precision in analyzing blood cells for identifying and tracking medical ailments. With an ergonomic design, user-friendly interface, and durable build, these counters simplify hematology, providing dependable and consistent results. Adaptable and accurate, they are vital tools in hematology analysis.

*ABS material - durable

Code Type
SE.31.1984-01 2 key
SE.31.1984-05 5 key
SE.31.1984-08 8 key
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2 Key, 5 Key, 8 Key
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