Bench Mat Heat Resistant

Bench Mat Heat Resistant


Size: 100x100mm

SKU: SE.31.3152-01

The Bench Mat Heat Resistant is a necessary accessory in laboratory safety equipment. Its high-temperature tolerance and durable design shield laboratory benches and workstations from potential damage caused by hot equipment, chemicals, or flame.

This is ideal to ensure a safe work environments and provides a secure surface for placing hot glassware, Bunsen burners, and other heat-emitting apparatus, ensuring the integrity of the workspace and the well-being of laboratory personnel. Its chemical-resistant construction makes it an essential tool for maintaining a safe and efficient laboratory workspace.

*cement sheet (asbestos free)

*used as laboratory mats

Product Code
Dimensions Thickness MSDS
SE.31.3152-01 100x100mm 6mm Read here
SE.31.3153-01 300x300mm 6mm Read here
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100x100mm, 300x300mm
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